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The United States of America will inaugurate a clown. Only 101 weeks until the next national election! Post 417 Wednesday November 30, 2016 Hello Elliott,

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The Constitution of the United States of America will be the patient in a stress test for at least the next four years! Post 416

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LEWBUDDY did not think much of Castro. LEWBUDDY does not think much of ‘The Donald’. We are watching and allowing our country fall into the

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Dear Donald, I am as old as you. You are nauseating and hateful. LEWBUDDY sees directly through you. The manner in which you speak and the

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LEWBUDDY cares not about the Golden Dip’s golf courses. Of the picks so far, Jeff Sessions is the worst. Points to observe. Catch Thom Hartmann

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That blonde idiot has already propagated ugliness beyond the norm. If you’re looking at KELLYANNE CONWAY, you’re also listening to garbage. Post 412 Friday November

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DeVos = Amway = Ultra care only for thyself. “The Public Schools are the foundation of our country’s greatness“. Betsy DeVos does not advocate for

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How soon will Trump commit an impeachable offense? Garbage spews from Kellyanne Conway’s answers. The woman is the antithesis of propriety! Batten down the hatches


LEWBUDDY authored ‘From Iowa to Chenequa‘. A downtown Milwaukee lawyer raked-in just about 30 grand to make LEWBUDDY’s first novel a short run only. LEWBUDDY

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LEWBUDDY calls it as it is. The United States of America has elected a Fascist to the Presidency! Jeff Sessions will cause problems in an