The Road to Rochelle 590

The lady with a laugh….will NOT share a cup of coffee with me at a Starbucks. The lady with a laugh and I WERE lovers 50 years

The Road to Rochelle 589

The Wisconsin lady with a laugh has a public record in Michigan at the Dickinson County Courthouse. Check out Personal Restraining Orders issued on May 2,

The Road to Rochelle 588

The lady with a laugh has a husband who seems to be a republican ass. The lady with a laugh required her husband to pay $11,000 to

The Road to Rochelle 587

The lady with a laugh….wishes for her privacy. She exclaimed, “We were just kids!” and lovingly replied to my question, “Was I good enough for

The Road to Rochelle 586

There’s a lady with a laugh….She’s 70 years old now…….I’m legally forbidden to reveal her name. Two Personal Restraining Orders have been issued against me for including her

The Road to Rochelle 585

There’s a lady with a laugh. The lady with a laugh wishes not to be exposed. The lady with a laugh chose legal action against me.

The Road to Rochelle 584

Hello, my name is LEWBUDDY aka Harry X. Winfield aka Steve Lewis I was accepted into the engineering curriculum at Iowa State University in 1965.

The Road to Rochelle 583

The lady with a laugh…issued two Personal Restraining Orders against me. I am writing my memoirs in 8 volumes. All volumes include details about the

The Road to Rochelle 582

There’s a lady with a laugh….she gave me this on my 21st birthday in 1968. I had fallen in love with her….. I have not

The Road to Rochelle 581

The DISCOVERED EMOTIONS Category of the LEWBUDDY Website is dedicated to the story of a lady with a laugh….and a boy who had been sexually molested as a