The Road to Rochelle 804

When he awoke early the next morning, Eddie was in a hospital bed with a nurse taking his blood pressure and pulse. Tubes were in

The Road to Rochelle 803

Eddie’s thirteenth birthday fell on Palm Sunday in the spring of 1960. Following Linda Crandall’s six-week one-sided exchange visit and abrupt return to New Orleans,

The Road to Rochelle 802

He’d loved his moments with Katherine Alexander but anticipated Catherine Vandemier’s return. Katherine dated both Cam and Eddie non-competitively for the month of June, but

The Road to Rochelle 801

Eddie concealed his fear of anything sexual with Georgia through his self-induced loyalty reference to Catherine and then again to his recently revived relationship with

The Road to Rochelle 800

Even though Georgia Vector scared Eddie with her sexual tendencies, she was wonderful company. Despite the fact of being pinned to another guy, she was

The Road to Rochelle 799

An innocently gratifying late April Saturday at the Drake Relays with Catherine and her parents had taken their relationship up a romantic notch, but allowed

The Road to Rochelle 798

The fraternity was great but Eddie’s goal was a college education and the route required verification of what he’d learned. The nineteen-year-old eagle scout needed

The Road to Rochelle 797

By springtime, Georgia Vector was pushing her breasts into Eddie’s chest and seeming to want mutual forward pelvic thrusts. The good-night moments had advanced to

The Road to Rochelle 796

Georgia Vector whispered to Eddie she was in direct violation of Chi Omega pledge rules but graciously accepted a fresh pour from the tapped keg.

The Road to Rochelle 795

Eddie was challenged with her slightly suggestive comments but delighted with her unreserved audible laughs. It hadn’t taken long for Georgia Vector to have become