The Road to Rochelle 835

Georgia was still pinned to the guy at Nebraska and mentioned she might go to Tech School in Lincoln. Thinking she’d stay at Iowa, he

The Road to Rochelle 834

They sat on the blanket and wasted little time. The darkness, blanket, outdoors and beer all blended into a moment for him to make an

The Road to Rochelle 833

An Eagle Scout’s first attempt at telling his story was titled “From Iowa to Chenequa”. The novel was recalled by the Eagle Scout’s college lover.

The Road to Rochelle 832

Her birthday gift had been more than the instruction booklet. He’d experienced the most gratifying two weeks of his life. His fear of contact was

The Road to Rochelle 831

They studied together in the evenings but kept fooling-around sexually during the afternoons. As the month of April advanced into warmer weather they were with

The Road to Rochelle 830

These ladies all know Georgia Vector on a first name basis. Look for Georgia Vector in THE ROAD TO ROCHELLE. THE STORY OF A SEXUAL PREDATOR… and

The Road to Rochelle 829

On an August Sunday in 1958, eleven-year-old Eddie had been a boy scout for nearly a year. The 43-year-old bachelor scoutmaster arrived unexpectedly at the

The Road to Rochelle 828

Eddie closed the booklet gift and hid it amongst his engineering study papers. He showed no one, not even TR. Ashamed of his revealed virginity

The Road to Rochelle 827

What makes Winfield’s story so compelling is how it tracks initially innocent exchanges between Hughes and Georgia Vector, which evolve into uncomfortable typed conversations. Look

The Road to Rochelle 826

Harry X. Winfield’s The Road to Rochelle is a cherchez-la-femme story that features a successful and upper-class professional, Eddie Hughes, who, after his retirement, becomes