The Road to Rochelle 863

GOALS 8/4/76 A good woman to love. A beautiful home with a fireplace and a nice beach on Blue Heron Lake. A good automobile. A

Chenequa Country Club 862

Cam Davisson called Janice Martin for a date and they began a coast-to-coast romance. Eddie was with Angie for the next six nights in Blue

The Pedophile Scoutmaster 861

LEWBUDDY, the author of ‘FROM IOWA TO CHENEQUA’ and Harry X. Winfield, the author of  ‘THE ROAD TO ROCHELLE’ have teamed their pen-names and introduce

The Road to Rochelle 860

Eddie arranged to be with Georgia at the wedding and flew in Friday evening, but she didn’t arrive until ceremony start time late Saturday afternoon.

Beaver Lake 859

‘From Iowa to Chenequa’ was recalled by a woman living on Beaver Lake. The novel has been rewritten as The Road to Rochelle by the

Chenequa Country Club 858

Patty was thin, blonde, rather flat-chested, and not the prettiest girl in the world. She was well-educated, smoked cigarettes, drank alcohol, and asked Steve if

The Road to Rochelle 857

Catherine looked wonderful and seemed to be happily married while she and Eddie conversed at length about their lives, their spouses, and their past. Other

Port Boca Grande 856

When she was at Iowa State in 1968, Georgia Vector liked LEWBUDDY’S weiner. She also liked his vehicle.   Look for Georgia Vector in THE ROAD TO

The Road to Rochelle 855

A sensation brought him to suspect she’d allow him to have her virginity that very night or some night soon as she sat there so

Chenequa Country Club 854

Eddie hadn’t seen Georgia Vector in over a year when he was approached by two other engineers to go-in with them and rent a vacant