The Road to Rochelle 853

This lake in Waukesha County is for Republicans who issue Personal Restraining Orders against innocent victims of child predators. Look for Georgia Vector in THE ROAD TO

The Road to Rochelle 852

Georgia Vector fit the mold of  the pleasant life on a beautiful Wisconsin lake with a golf membership at a private country club and a

The Road to Rochelle 851

It’d been a year since she’d gone down on him and nearly as long since the police officer incident. Their time together in Lincoln was

The Road to Rochelle 850

I wanted to inform Georgia Vector I’d been sexually molested as a child. She issued a Restraining Order against me. Look for Georgia Vector in THE ROAD

The Road to Rochelle 849

Georgia Vector can see Chenequa Country Club from her house! Look for Georgia Vector in THE ROAD TO ROCHELLE. THE STORY OF A SEXUAL PREDATOR… and THE

Beaver Lake 848

Georgia Vector lives on Beaver Lake and winters in Florida. Georgia Vector has issued Restraining Orders against the author of ‘The Road to Rochelle’.  

The Road to Rochelle 847

After midnight, Georgia Vector had made sure LEWBUDDY lost his virginity to her. When Georgia Vector was awakened by the police officer in the morning, she

The Road to Rochelle 846

Georgia Vector sneaks into Chenequa Country Club. LEWBUDDY’s first memoir was titled ‘From Iowa to Chenequa‘.   Look for Georgia Vector in THE ROAD TO ROCHELLE. THE

The Road to Rochelle 845

Georgia Vector lives on this lake. Georgia Vector issued two Restraining Orders against LEWBUDDY, the author of the forthcoming novel ‘My Pedophile Scoutmaster ’.   Look

The Road to Rochelle 844

 Welcome to the sexual Wisconsin mystery surrounding Beaver Lake, Chenequa Country Club, Georgia Vector, and The Road to Rochelle.   Look for Georgia Vector in THE ROAD