The Road to Rochelle 843

Catherine Vandemier arrived in mid-July. Their summer romance remained at the French-kissing level. Eddie made no moves on her. He was more in love with

The Road to Rochelle 842

Still in her birthday suit, Georgia stopped chuckling and whispered to Eddie she’d left her purse in the Starfire. Without question nor hesitation, Eddie became

The Road to Rochelle 841

They were surrounded by the soft fabric chamber in which the natural act for him was to roll on top of her. Look for Georgia Vector

The Road to Rochelle 840

Members of the Kettle-Moraine Garden Club and Chenequa Country Club know Georgia Vector. Look for Georgia Vector in THE ROAD TO ROCHELLE. THE STORY OF A SEXUAL

The Road to Rochelle 839

He didn’t need an aphrodisiac, but proper protocol suggested the purchase of a six-pack as they headed through campus toward a convenience corner near the

The Road to Rochelle…838

To encourage people to buy airline tickets, alcohol was served free of charge on airplanes. The bonus of beer or hard liquor included stand-by passenger

The Road to Rochelle 837

It wasn’t just the sex. She was a fantastic person to be in the presence of. She was a kind loving person despite her humorous

The Road to Rochelle 836

These ladies know Georgia Vector, but these ladies do not know she recalled “From Iowa to Chenequa“ by LEWBUDDY. Look for Georgia Vector in THE ROAD TO ROCHELLE.