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LEWBUDDY reflects the combination of three impeccable friends within the trust and love of the “Baby Boomer” generation. The name LEWBUDDY was spawned in the 60’s and thoroughly revitalized in 2011.

As a website, LEWBUDDY releases the thoughts of life through the viewpoint of a midwest progressive.

Employed by one of the 1970’s Dow 30, LEWBUDDY was a key engineer in the development of the radial tire in North America

In 1980 and at latitude 46N, LEWBUDDY designed and built his own solar energy system that has provided 36 years of solar heated water to his home.

In the 1980’s, LEWBUDDY performed over 2,500 Michigan Certified Residential Energy Audits.

In the year 2000 and with 15 years of Engineering Management experience; earlier life DISCOVERED EMOTIONS first began to overwhelm LEWBUDDY. Legal action restricting LEWBUDDY in 2014 provided the impetus to bring the LEWBUDDY website to fruition.

LEWBUDDY shares his knowledge of all forms of energy.

LEWBUDDY provides valid provocative content with an emotional opinion.

LEWBUDDY maintains a propensity for ENERGY, the hierarchies within THE UNITED STATES SENATE and a lifetime hobby of MODEL RAILROADING.


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