GEORGIA VECTOR (‘petty coitus’) recalled the sexual life memoir ‘From Iowa to Chenequa’ by LEWBUDDY. GEORGIA VECTOR is ‘The Irrevocable Chenéquan’. Stephen Edward Lewis (aka


LEWBUDDY had shown GEORGIA VECTOR Spread Eagle long before she knew of Beaver Lake in Hartland, Wisconsin. GEORGIA VECTOR is a pseudonym, but just think

Holly Berry 776

#theladywithalaugh…When you attend Holly Berry at Chenequa Country Club (Tuesday December 5th)…ask the lady with a laugh what she did to LEWBUDDY 50 years ago.

The Road to Rochelle 646

   Golf day for the lady with a laugh. Forty-nine years ago, as a college girl with a laugh, she had given one of her

The Road to Rochelle 553

There’s a woman with a laugh! The woman with a laugh, she gonna’ be 70 soon! Hello Chenequa Country Club! HELLO KETTLE-MORAINE GARDEN CLUB! What should

The Road to Rochelle

LEWBUDDY welcomes Chenequa Country Club readers. SURVEY YOUR MEMBERSHIP!!!!!!!!! WHO WROTE THIS? Post 470 Tuesday January 31, 2017. 11th Day of POTUS 45; as many

The Methane Tetrahedron

LEWBUDDY believes in what he learned within the mechanical engineering curriculum of Iowa State University. Here’s one of the formulas: Heat plus fuel plus oxygen

The Methane Tetrahedron

Post 437 Thursday December 29, 2016 The United States of America has been taken over by the right-wing. They are idiots. The right-wing morons erroneously

The Methane Tetrahedron

LEWBUDDY is beginning to believe that blonde orangutan is planning to take over the world! We are doomed. The end of civilization has begun. The

Chenequa Baggage

RESIST !!!!!!! Before this asshole begins rounding up and jailing his political opponents we must stop him and the republicans. Hello Elliott! We must put