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LEWBUDDY calls it as it is. The United States of America has elected a Fascist to the Presidency! Jeff Sessions will cause problems in an

Chenequa Country

The United States of America is in the process of being sodomized by Trump. We are in trouble folks! LEWBUDDY goes on record to proclaim

Chenequa Snow Job

The question is: Do the people still rule? The election was bad enough. His decisions and denials are worse. LEWBUDDY doesn’t predict the future and

Chenequa Boca Grande

In the words of Al Franken yesterday on the United States Senate floor, “many of the voters for Trump also harbor hateful ideologies”. ONLY 103

Chenequa Blow

LEWBUDDY announces The Road to Rochelle by Harry X. Winfield. Only 103 weeks until the next national election! Dump Trump! Post 403 Wednesday November 16,

Chenequa Criminals

LEWBUDDY urges peaceful protest against our President-elect. The man is obnoxious. His sons seem to be the same. From what has thus far been seen

Chenequa Protest

Trump thus far has been despicable. LEWBUDDY suspects it will become worse. Please become involved with the resistance before it is too late. It’s not

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RESIST !!!!!!! Before this asshole begins rounding up and jailing his political opponents we must stop him and the republicans. Hello Elliott! We must put

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LEWBUDDY announces a novel: The Road to Rochelle by Harry Winfield. LEWBUDDY is the author of From Iowa to Chenequa and the soon to be

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A note to Trump from LEWBUDDY: “Get lost” Post 394 Monday November 7, 2016 Nearly all contemporary Republicans are causing the demolition of The United